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Audi factory Brussels
Energy as city-making tool [infrastructure as law]

Architectural Association
Int13.“Oracles for Europe”
Prof. Swinnen P., Menu F.

The proposal aims to re-think how we can integrate industry in the process of policy making as a way of short-circuiting the traditional and structures of governing. Industry becomes a transitional institution [neither public nor private] and architecture a tool for implementing a societal project. The physical proposal, a x km long piece of infrastructure is to be read at different levels/scales : it aims to be as much a promotion tool for the development of real estate, as a critic of the lack of policy guideline in the way the energy consumption is managed [in (1) Brussels, (2) the Eurodelta]. Instead of being a tool to adapt an existing environment, infrastructure [the line] is to become the primary element from which we construct the (post) city. The line is both a radical economic and urban model, it is law - and therefore is a much stronger policy guideline.