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Rubble bonanza,
a speculative narrative on junk economics


Architectural Association
Dip9.“The diamond age”
Prof. Sandmeier N., Stavrakakis M.

We have defined our evolution through ages according to the technologic advancement that have introduce crucial changes (forward) in the way we live : Stone, Bronze, Iron, Printing, Digital. I argue we are undoubtedly living a new shift that, as Georges Batailles argues, will focus for the first time, not on the introduction of a new technologic condition but on our ability to deal with the amount of stuff we throw away : welcome... to the rubble age ...which acknowledges the fact that the excessive way with which we dispose will very shortly overcome the production of the new. The project situated itself on the critical moment when the new is not produced anymore from the resources but from the waste / where we don’t go from the resource to the product to the waste economy, but from a product to the waste to  product again.