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American men like to date around. The Local spoke with an American-German matchmaker based in Wiesbaden to get some much needed tips on dating a German. This can cause a lot of conflict, especially for a couple involving an American woman and a German man as American women are not used to this from men. For this reason dating German men can be somewhat of a challenge for a woman who is not accustomed to the customs of German people. Otherwise they really like a woman draining themselves for them.

American women dating German men

He apologized the next morning and everything was fine. Yesterday, he invited me to his place, he make some cake and offer me to try. That all these while he doesnt want to offend me by letting me know about other women. Things were going very well and we met every week consistently for three weeks and he expressed his interest for me throughout.

Dating German Men

He also actively texted me his location when he was traveling out of town for work. This means that if you see a German man you want, you will probably want to consider making the first move or initiating contact. They are not sympathetic and not supportive at all. If you do something wrong, a sincere apology should be enough to make him happy again.

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Considerate, refused to let me pay at first, but eventually relented. Please act like an educated adult if you are. That is what my husband does as well, russian dating free chat he goes directly into his office after asking me to make him a drink.

Can anyone give me some tips? Hope you're romance goes well, he sounds like a great guy! He asked me to call his name. And he's more sentimental. Every single time I told I have interest in someone he always appeared to be upset with me.


We went to a nightclub and danced together. We video chat at least twice a week because the difference of our schedules and he works a lot. He gets really red in the face and tends to look away when he calls me honey or love especially when he calls me love. Rent and restaurant bills are split down the middle.

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As for the bills, in my experience, German guys liked paying for things. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. It seems that even German men like chocolate. Anyway next day we explored the city and we found a leather shop in a market and he got us same bracelets. He is a very warm person with an extremely good heart.

American women dating German men - Life in Germany - Toytown Germany

After going through again in some mails here i woke up and decided to send him a message precisely a friendly flower and my best saxo music by Kenny G. He did explain in detail who bothers to explain in detail if they are not interested? When I told my husband about some of the games that people typically play in North America i.

  • He likes the food and we enjoy the time, telling some jokes and walk around.
  • Do I mention something to him without sounding needy?
  • Andi - Haha, well the not playing games thing, does make relationships more straight forward.

He talks a lot about future with me, and imagine if I were there too living with him. He also helps me manage business as if he were my attorney, preparing emails for me, consulting with landlords, etc. He really knows how to say things. Seriously, wait until a guy says wow, I must have you, you make me feel like I want to be here.

This is totally my kind of romance! In your experience, has your loyalty been repaid up until now? Lastly theres, hmmm i dont think there is even a word for it, Word-humor, dating in the workplace articles although that is quite a regional thing. Congratulations on having found each other! He said this is for our friendship!

Also before I asked him if he wanted my phone number and he said yes but his friends came over and he said I will get it from you next week. The more artificial-looking, the better. We kissed and also had sex on first day. He said i should keep his number and maybe anytime i want to talk to him as a friend.

My boyfriend is German and he is a dream! But they always pursued me afterwards. Julia - It sounds like you guys have a great connection, but need to meet as soon as possible. We always come on time When you have a date with us, you can expect us to be on time.

Katharina - Thank you for taking the time to respond - great advice! He also has a very sexual side that almost intimidated me, but he is so good in bed. He said that he doesn't know but he has strange feelings for me. We are struggling with some issues, and he believes that our differences are purely cultural. Laurel, websites dating excellent perspective of german guys!

9 things to know before dating German men

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German Men and Romance Everything You Need to Know
  1. We as Americans have simply become spoiled by having everything spelled out for us.
  2. Yeah let's do it, let's do something different from everyone else.
  3. We may be able to teach you that there's nothing wrong with getting naked at a public sauna, undressing for a relaxing day at a spa, or being topless at the beach.
  4. They need to be heard and say enough is enough.
  5. He is very honest, sometimes too honest, but I actually like that about him.

After consulting with her German clients, she came up with some sound advice on finding Teutonic bliss. He was very polite and shy too. Also he paid for it I asked to separate pay but he refused. He was always really sweet with me, but never really would come out and say if he thought I looked nice or that he missed me or anything really like that.


We must be aware of our own behavior in the dating game, because we are active participants in how we are treated. Are you positive he is German? My German is sometimes very opinionated regarding my money, my behavior, my choices, etc. So for me it is hard to understand his intentions or feelings. Hot He basically looks like a freaking god.

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If your partner values you a lot, s he will come around and at least try to understand your pov. Julia - Mmm, from online it's tough to know. For better or for worse, you will know where you stand with your German guy.

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