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This set fits that narrow window due to the rounded end of the string barrel, the later barrels had a squared-off top to the barrel. This style was used throughout the remainder of pre-serialized manufacture, and through about the middle of into production up to approximately serial number ish. The new Charvels produced use Schaller mini tuners in black, chrome or gold.

Due to war time metal shortage these thin cog wheels helped to save metal. These were used until sometime in when they switched to black plastic with the number stamped into the base. The set has original hex bushings and mounting screws.

Prewar Gibson tuners - Klusons

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Functionally they are good. The set is for solid head mount but if you need them for slot head just let me know as I may have barrels to convert for slot head. The plating has some light surface pitting but otherwise they are in good cosmetic condition and are functionally good. These tuners have a ratio of and all turn smoothly with no binding or tight spots. The tuner button replacements are perfect repros by Blazer and Henkes.

All the parts are original and clean, no bent shafts or other issues. The buttons have been replaced with repro Kluson buttons from Antique Acoustics. The hex bushings appear to be original, they are of the proper style for this set. Tulip plastic tuners knobs have a single ring around them. The set is all original with bushings and mounting screws, all tuners turn freely and hold.

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The black leather ends I think are a synthetic leather with white piping, and the handles are plastic. This set is very clean cosmetically, only the slightest age showing on the plating. So I'd be happy for any input as this could mean a rather important info concerning the research of wartime productions.

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The set is in excellent condition cosmetically and functionally, and includes the six bushings that fit into the center rail of the head stock to accept the turned end of the tuner shaft. This set has the original buttons in good condition, dating enid ok and the plating is clean. This set was once nickel plated but all of the plating has worn off. The sets do not contain bushings unless specified. It is very common for the Keystone style plastic tuner buttons used on Kluson tuners from to to brown and shrink and crumble.

They are functionally good. This set is in excellent cosmetic condition with no plating loss, very bright, the buttons are replaced. Some and models had these tuners as well. Period mounting screws probably original included.

Prewar Gibson tuners - Klusons
  • Kluson tuners were used by a number of vintage guitar manufacturers from the s to the late s.
  • This set is in excellent condition cosmetically and functionally, no plating loss or corrosion, no bent shafts, all the tuners turn freely and hold well.
  • All parts original including bushings and mounting screws.
  • Pickguards, pickup covers, knobs, switch tips and tremolo covers should be black plastic.
  • The third pair of digits are definately known to refer to the year.

This is just a theory, but if only A's were put on Natural finished guitars as an example, it could help determine if a guitar is refinished. If you need these for solid head mount let me know and I'll check on the availability of solid head mount barrels. Unlike most all other tuners, which have the shaft and tuning peg key perpendicular, not online banjo tuners have the tuning peg key and shaft in a straight line. Functionally and cosmetically very good.

This set is in very good condition cosmetically and functionally, the plating is in good shape and none of the shafts are bent. This set has the Kluson manufacturer's mark and patent mark circling the inner two mounting screw holes on the outside face of the plate. The off-white buttons are replaced but perfect repros of the original Kluson buttons. Gibson used this style of tuner later than Fender. It is the first Kluson model I know and I was wondering from what point it was used on Gibsons.

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The set has all of its original gears and buttons and is in excellent cosmetic and functional condition. These tuners closely resemble the. Any earlier guitar out there? Set s Kluson strip tuners for solid head stock as were found on many Gibson flat top guitars of that era. This set is in good cosmetic and functional order with no plating loss, original washers and mounting screws.

The set is in excellent condition with only the slightest surface wear to the plating. All of the sets in this list are fully functional, dating 5w4 any shortcomings of individual sets are described fully. These were also found on some Larson built guitars of the same era. The buttons are replaced with correct reproductions. If you need bushings and mounting screws let me know when you inquire and I'll check on availability.

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This set has the Kluson patent mark and manufacturing stamp on the outside face of the plate, around the center pair of mounting screw holes. The set has light surface corrosion but would likely clean up well. Bushings may be available on request, ask if you'll need bushings with the set.

This set has had the original buttons which were shrunken and cracked replaced with perfect repros from Antique Acoustics. There are no bushings or mounting screws, you'll have to come up with those separately. Perhaps this is an early transitional wartime tuner.

This info is not covered here because the numbers vary depending on the exact style of Kluson tuner. Set Grover G tuners as were found on most pre-war Ds. The rosewood models came with at least two different types of individual tuners.


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D-169400 Set Kluson Line Tulip Tuners Ferrels 169400 1960s 6

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The earliest date we have insofar is Bruce's made in August that year serial? The most notable guitar that used this set is the Martin H, which has become one of the more sought-after pre-war pearl trimmed Martin models. This set has some light plating discoloration and a tiny bit of surface corrosion on the plating here and there but nothing serious.

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Set s Kluson open gear strip tuners as were found on most pre-war Gibson guitars and other makes as well. The buttons are replaced on this set perfect repros of the originals from Antique Acoustics as well as a few of the cap screws. The hex bushings are the proper style but are from a later set of Grover tuners. The set is in excellent cosmetic and functional condition with all of the original parts. The buttons are replaced with perfect repros of the originals.

Vintage Guitars Info - Fender Information from this site used with permission. Private vintage guitar collector. Tuners I frequently have the opportunity to acquire sets of vintage guitar and mandolin tuners. No Kluson records could be found and until know I couldn't find any other correspondence or clue to limit the time space when these tuners exactly were used. The gears, barrels and cap screws are all original, the buttons are modern Kluson reproductions by Antique Acoustics.

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  1. Functionally and cosmetically excellent, the plating is clean and bright.
  2. Gears and barrels are brass, the original buttons are black.
  3. Code letter C is what we can expect since these second generation Klusons with the lower bearing brackets only were used in as far as I can tell.
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